April 1st, 2021

Easter weekend this year came with a little something special for a Toronto food bank, and not from who you would expect. From the other side of the country in Vancouver, BC, a PPE manufacture called Crown Mutual Group has graciously donated 15,000 surgical face masks to the very noble institution, Our Daily Bread.

The Canada helps.org website states the Daily Bread Food Bank is a non-profit, charitable organization fighting to end hunger in our communities. With over 990,000 people served across the GTA, the Daily Bread serves most of these people through neighbourhood food banks and meal programs.

Crown Mutual Group established itself over this past year during the COVID pandemic. They can produce millions of ASTM-certified medical-grade masks per month out of their facility in Delta, BC. They also currently have millions in reserve and ready to serve the North American population. “We are prepared for the worst and much more to come if necessary.” Said Ray Serin, Director of operations for CMG. 

Tony Lawand, seen here with a Daily Bread volunteer Sarah, is the companies East Coast representative and was happy to make the delivery in person. The face masks will serve staff and patrons throughout the community.

It’s is the vulnerable and exposed population that is at risk and in need of support, said CMG East coast spokesperson Tony Lawand. “Being able to deliver a product we manufacture here in Canada that will have an impact on helping those in need is a reward on to itself. We need Canadians to know we got their backs now when it comes to keeping them safe with a reliable PPE supply.” 

Crown Mutual Group (CMG) is a Canadian-based manufacturer of ASTM Level 1-3 surgical face mask masks. CMG was established as a consortium of companies aligned in April 2020 due to a PPE shortage in North America.

If you are interested in learning more or donating to Our Daily Bread, Please click here.