Crown Mutual Group has had a valuable alliance with a Vancouver company called Masked For Work, since the beginning of our adventure with PPE. Not just because they are great people doing great things.  It’s because, Stephanie Sang, Masked For Work’s CEO, has taken the time to commit to develop a quality product we can stand behind. With direct ownership of manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, so you can be assured that the product quality and delivery lead times are tightly controlled.

Stephanie was already a successful entrepreneur when she made the pivot into PPE early into the pandemic. She saw an opportunity and adapted a mandate to bring reusable face mask into the workplace.

Mask for Work has positioned them selfs as a higher priced PPE item due to the integral due diligence they have done to make their product a great one.

  • Reusable and eco-friendly: made with Recycleve TM (100% certified recycled polyester fabric).
  • High-tech material: Made with an innovative material that has been tested for quality.
  • Antibacterial layer: Made with zinc oxide that destroys bacteria
  • Water-resistant: Prevents your face mask from getting soaked after 20 to 30 washes.
  • Adjustable ear loops: Provides more comfort closes any gaps around the face.
  • Nose bridge: Creates a better fit around your face.

And rightly so, with a flood of products on the market,  I can tell you first hand there is a lot of overrated PPE out there not doing much to block out things like Corona Virus.  But just don’t take our word for it, instead, let us bring in some of the experts Crown Mutual Group works with at Kinectrics.

Kinectrics is proud to offer Mask Testing services, as new ASTM Face Covering standards emerge with the potential to transform the quality of masks available.  A recent article published on EHS Daily Advisor reports that ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) announced the approval of a non-regulatory standard for barrier face coverings in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The standard establishes minimum care, design, labelling, and performance requirements for reusable barrier face coverings. The standard was developed by ASTM’s F23 committee on personal protective clothing and equipment. Masks that conform to the new F3502 standard are not intended for use as medical procedure masks for source control or respirators for worker protection.  That said, it is still a middle-ground for reusable masks and standards to guide this is helpful.

The ASTM face coverings standard includes two filtration performance levels: greater than or equal to 20% and greater than or equal to 50%. N95 filtering facepiece respirators are capable of 95% filtration. ASTM International also released a white paper, “Collaboration to Advance Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Safety, Quality, and Innovation,” examining the current landscape of standards development for PPE.

As we continue to settle into the new normal with face masks of all types, we can now lean on some science to ensure the quality of reusable face masks will be guided by new ways to make them safe and effective against things like COVID 19.

Thank you for reading.

Nonregulatory Face Mask Standard Approved by ASTM