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Are We Adjusting to a New Normal?!

The New Normal?! This simple statement can be viewed in multiple ways. And the notion is polarizing, to say the least. It’s defeating in one sense to think of how we got to such a place where society would need to consider such a thing as a ‘new normal,’ or in other words an altered […]

ASTM International Standards in review.

As I researched this article on ASTM, we were informed and surprised at some of the data we uncovered from various credible sources. Among them and most prominent is that this fundamental testing institution is relatively unknown, with nearly 50% of health care professionals. With this said, we have taken it upon ourselves to spread […]

Face Shields and Why You Should Be Using One

COVID 19 has got its grip on the world. And although there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel with the latest reports of a vaccine being on the way, we still have a way to go and still very much need to protect ourselves from this pandemic. As people grow increasingly […]