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Let’s Face It – PPE Podcast Introduction

Hi everyone this is Sean SPM as I’m known in a few circles and welcome to the INNERView…and a brand new segment we are calling LET’S FACE IT This is a podcast where we have typically spoken with musicians and a lot of people in the entertainment industry and so forth. And in general, it’s […]

ASTM International Standards in review.

As I researched this article on ASTM, we were informed and surprised at some of the data we uncovered from various credible sources. Among them and most prominent is that this fundamental testing institution is relatively unknown, with nearly 50% of health care professionals. With this said, we have taken it upon ourselves to spread […]

My Pivot into PPE in a Pandemic World | By Sean McKay

It’s Wednesday, Sept 16, 2020, and I’m working at my desk at home in self-isolation. I had a runny nose last week, and we live in a time where that means I have symptoms of COVID 19. And if you show signs of any sort, it’s mandatory to stay home gee thanks! But of course, […]